Based on the bestselling young adult fantasy book series The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, “Shadowhunters” follows 18-year-old Clary Fray, who finds out on her birthday that she is not who she thinks she is but rather comes from a long line of Shadowhunters – human-angel hybrids who hunt down demons. When her mother, Jocelyn, is kidnapped, Clary is thrown into the world of demon hunting with mysterious Shadowhunter Jace and her best friend, Simon. Now living among faeries, warlocks, vampires and werewolves, Clary begins a journey of self-discovery as she learns more about her past and what her future may hold.

Episode 1:  The Mortal Cup
Clary Fray finds out on her birthday that she comes from a long line of Shadowhunters.

Episode 2:  The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy
Jace, Isabelle and a very reluctant Alec take Clary to the City of Bones.

New Episodes air Tuesday Nights at 9 on Freeform.

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Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 tells the story of a group of passengers aboard a commercial airplane during the earliest moments of the outbreak. Over the course of the series, the plane and the lives of its passengers are put in jeopardy once they discover an infected traveler.

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The Walking Dead | Season 6, Episode 1 | First Time Again

Rick and the group are still having trouble assimilating into Alexandria. Will a new threat bring them closer together or drive them further apart?

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Scream TV Series | Season 1

October 5th, 2015 | Written by

Instigated by a cyberbullying incident that goes viral, a brutal murder in Lakewood stirs memories of a crime spree from the town’s past that has haunted some, intrigued others and maybe just spawned a new executioner. At the center of the story is a group of teenagers—with two old friends struggling to reconnect at its heart—who, says the network, “become lovers, enemies, suspects, targets and victims of a killer who’s out for blood.”

PILOT | Episode 1 | aired 6/30/15 | MTV
The murder of a high school student stirs memories of a similar slaying that took place twenty years prior in the small town of Lakewood.

hello, emma | Episode 2 | aired 7/06/15 | MTV
Another teen’s death raises questions and causes yet another rift between Emma and Audrey. A provocative podcaster shows up to report on the town’s murders, past and present.

wanna play a game? | Episode 3 | aired 7/14/15 | MTV
Emma learns that her mother has been keeping more secrets just as the Killer challenges her to a dangerous game.

aftermath | Episode 4 | aired 7/21/15 | MTV
Emma receives a mysterious message leading her and Audrey in search of answers.

exposed | Episode 5 | aired 7/28/15 | MTV
After a scandalous video leak, Emma discovers a heartbreaking secret.

betrayed | Episode 6 | aired 8/04/15 | MTV
Emma learns that the new prime suspect in the Lakewood murders is someone close to her.

in the trenches | Episode 7 | aired 8/11/15 | MTV
Emma races against the clock to save a friend from the Killer’s dangerous game of hide and seek.

ghosts | Episode 8 | aired 8/18/15 | MTV
Emma reels from another death and uncovers a new secret from the past.

the dance | Episode 9 | aired 8/25/15 | MTV
Emma doubts that the Killer has been caught, so she teams up with Piper to find answers at the big Halloween Dance.

revelations| Episode 10 | aired 6/30/15 | MTV
Emma races to save another loved one and finally finds out the Killer’s identity.

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