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Greek follows the story of Casey and Rusty Cartwright as they navigate their way through Greek life at the fictional Cyprus-Rhodes University. Casey has it all—good looks, popular boyfriend, sisterhood in the most elite sorority—but her party life is turned upside down when her younger brother Rusty arrives on campus and insists on rushing a fraternity.
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Spencer Grammer as Casey Cartwright
Jacob Zachar as Rusty Cartwright
Scott Michael Foster as Cappie
Jake McDorman as Evan Chambers
Paul James as Calvin Owens
Amber Stevens as Ashleigh Howard
Clark Duke as Dale
Dilshad Vadsaria as Rebecca Logan
Aaron Hill as The Beaver
Past Cast Members:
Tiffany Dupont as Frannie
Derek Mio as Wade
Zack Lively as Heath
Michael Rady as Max Tyler
Patrick Sean Smith

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