Secret Life of the American Teenager

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Secrets are hard to keep, especially in high school. Meet the students of Grant High. Grace sneaks around behind her parent’s back to see her boyfriend, Jack. Jack cheats on Grace with Adrian, who’s really in love with Ricky. And Ricky has one night with Amy that leads to the biggest secret of all. Don’t miss even one episode of this bold ABC Family original series from the creator of 7th Heaven that explores an unexpected teen pregnancy with sensitivity and heart.
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Shailene Woodley as Amy Juergens
Daren Kagasoff as Ricky Underwood
Ken Baumann as Ben Boykewich
Megan Park as Grace Bowman
Francia Raisa as Adrian Lee
Mark Derwin as George Juergens
Molly Ringwald as Anne Juergens
India Eisley as Ashley Juergens
Greg Finley as Jack Pappas
Renee Olstead as Madison Cooperstein
Allen Evangelista as Henry Miller
Camille Winbush as Lauren Treacy
Luke Zimmerman as Tom Bowman
Josie Bissett as Kathleen Bowman
Amy Rider as Alice Valko
Steve Schirripa as Leo Boykewich
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Ruben Enriquez
Jennifer Coolidge as Betty
Ernie Hudson as Dr. Fields
Brenda Hampton

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Past Cast Members:
John Schneider as Marshall Bowman
Jorge Pallo as Marcelino Molina
Bianca Lawson as Shawna

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