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This adrenaline-fueled drama project succeeds NBC’s ER and takes the action outside to the field. Trauma centers around the work and personal lives of seven paramedics and EMTs in San Francisco. Former military pilot Marisa (Aimee Garcia) and her crazy EMT partner Rabbit (Cliff Curtis) man… More the skies. Nancy (Anastasia Griffith), Glen (Taylor Kinney), Boone (Derek Luke), and Tyler (Kevin Rankin) work the rigs on the ground. All of them bring their trauma cases back to Dr. Joe (Jamey Sheridan) back at San Francisco General.
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Derek Luke as Cameron Boone
Anastasia Griffith as Nancy Carnahan
Aimee Garcia as Marisa Benez
Kevin Rankin as Tyler Briggs
Jamey Sheridan as Dr. Joseph Saviano
Cliff Curtis as Reuben ‘Rabbit’ Palchuk
Taylor Kinney as Glenn Morrison
Scottie Thompson as Diana Van Dine
Dario Scardapane

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