Are You In… The Loop

What is The Loop?
The Loop is a continuous loop of the top rated and most popular shows, movies, and videos submitted for the 141tv network.  The Loop airs when there are no shows or movies scheduled at that time and loops until something is on the schedule.

What’s currently playing on The Loop?
There are many videos in the loop, here are a few highlights;

The Paw, submitted by director/writer Ritchie Steven Filippi.  The Paw is a modern film noir that follows Clint Powers, a square jawed detective, as he hunts down the murderer of a wealthy collector and attempts to locate a valuable missing piece from the victim’s collection; a mummified monkey’s paw.

Kinship, submitted by director/writer/actor Willow HaleKinShip tells the story of two people who follow the truth of what they know inside themselves.  They let go of the restrictive, fear-bound ideas of those who attempt to hide the truth from them.  Hopefully, both give up material rewards and earthly honors for the ability to travel to other planets effortlessly.  Ultimately, both could expand their beingness to dimensions only dreamt of, but now fully realized.   Amanda and Ben who started out as co-workerson a mission, find themselves in a soul/love of possibilities, in a universe guided by the intelligence of The Aliens.   Enter into the beginnings of this voyage beyond…..board the KinShip……

Creature From Grandma, submitted by director/writer J Hanna. A young girl’s birthday is interrupted by an illusive intruder. Can her sister and mild mannered boyfriend stop the horrifying menace. Terror and panic strike as the creature from Grandma approaches. Who will survive?

Anica 2148, submitted by producer/actor Kenyon Glover.  This is the first part of a sci-fi web series.  ANICA is a futuristic action espionage webisode set in the year 2148. It follows the path of Detrix A. Fyles: loyal soldier and high ranking officer in the Anican army who is a highly trained commando. His world was shattered when he lossed members in his squad on a dangerous operation due to bad intel. Pushed to the edge, Detrix loses his temper and strikes a superior officer, breaking his jaw. While in prison, Detrix is offered a chance to be released if he can find and eliminate the Ambassador’s assassin. During the briefing, Detrix is informed of a conspiracy involving his government and underground experiments with Anican soldiers.

To see what else is in The Loop, your going to have to watch to find out.

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11 Responses to " Are You In… The Loop "

  1. Willow Hale says:

    Thank you so much Marc and Justin for airing KinShip. It looks great. More and more in the future!

  2. Stewart Tain says:

    I really enjoyed the Kinship concept. Excellent acting by the cast. Great possibilities for plot development of the story. I’m looking forward to hearing more about Kinship in the near future.

  3. RS says:

    Love the stream. Awesome stuff in The Loop!

  4. Mr Movie says:

    Everything looks great in The Loop.

  5. What says:

    Awesome stuff in the video stream!

  6. MR. S says:

    I love the concept of this tv network. I can’t wait to see how it evolves in the future.

  7. The Tool says:

    I really enjoyed the movie the Paw. Does anybody know what this film was made for. Did anybody notice the real actors in it. Is there going to be a full film.

  8. Willow Hale says:

    What a wonderful thing-seeing the films again and again-still looping. Thank you Marc and PJ.

  9. Willow Hale says:

    Thank you continually Marc and PJ. The site looks just great and I love that the videos are still looping. Best of luck to you. I’ve posted on facebook and emailed friends to enter their videos here.

  10. Willow Hale says:

    Hi Marc, You are awesome. Thank you to you and PJ for this. I was able to be a “Conversations” event at SAG tonight where Andy Garcia spoke for 2 hours about making indie films as well as acting. He talked about this very thing-streaming video as the way of the future for film. Best wishes, Willow

  11. ChuckFan says:

    wow, lots of cool stuff on the channel

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