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Unsupervised is an animated, half-hour comedy about two eternally optimistic best friends “Gary” and “Joel,” who are navigating the harsh landscape of adolescence and trying to do what’s right despite having no parental guidance whatsoever. Gary’s father took off years ago and left him with his absentee stepmom, while Joel’s elderly parents remain unseen and uninvolved. And the adults that are actually present in Gary and Joel’s lives are anything but role models. At first glance, Gary and Joel’s world may be bleak but their worldview is bright as they guide themselves through life with each other to depend on.
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Justin Long as Gary
David Hornsby as Joel
Kristen Bell as Megan
Romany Malco as Darius
Rob Rosell as Russ
Scott Marder as JoJo
Fred Armisen as Martin
Alexa Vega as Christina
Kaitlin Olson as Carol and Danielle
Sally Kellerman as Principal Stark
David Hornsby, Rob Rosell

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