Loverboy (1989)

Out of college for the summer and on the outs with his girlfriend Jenny, Randy Bodek (Patrick Dempsey) lines up the perfect “summer vocation.” As Senor Pizza’s busiest delivery boy, Randy’s route takes him to the finest homes and some of the most gorgeous women ever to grace Beverly Hills. But it’s not long before “take out” turns to “make out” when Randy realizes that his customers want something more than the regular fare! After learning some valuable lessons about love from these amazing, crazy ladies – while hightailing it from their highly-jealous husbands – Randy knows he wants only one thing… Jenny. LOVERBOY is a hilarious look at a young man’s coming of age in a business wherethe customer always comes first.

Cast: Patrick Dempsey, Kate Jackson, Carrie Fisher, Kirstie Alley
Director: Joan Micklin Silver
Writers: Tom Ropelewski, Leslie Dixon
Producer: Gary Foster
Distributed By: TriStar Pictures
Release: 4/28/1989

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  1. Ritchie says:

    Great 80s flick.

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