Interview with Alan Wake Star Illka Villi

Guest Post written by Joe Schonbrun

Alan Wake, a game that got released just about 2 years ago by Remedy Games has fast gotten over 100,000 fans. With the release of Xbox live arcade game, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, it’s driven in even more fans of the game.

I happened to get a few questions answered by the star of the game Illka Villi.

How did you first find out about Alan wake?
Illka Villi: I first got involved with Alan wake in 2005 when I got a call from a talent agency asking if I would be interested in working in a video game project.

What can we expect from the future of your career?
Illka Villi: I can’t really say what to expect from the future; wonderful things… I hope.

Have you ever done or considered doing a full fledged movie?
Illka Villi: The question about a full fledged movie I’ve done a few films; but if your asking about an Alan wake movie that’s not really up to me.

As for Alan wake I do know he shall continue fighting the darkness.

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