Coming Soon to Stan Lee’s World of Heroes

Bad Days

From Junaid Chundrigar and Davor Bujakovic, the creators of the animated viral sensation Disassembled, Bad Days shows us heroes and villains on their worst days. Whether Green Lantern is wasting time with an emerald Yo-Yo or Batman has locked himself out of the Bat-Mobile, Bad Days lets us laugh at epic super failure.

Stan Lee’s Academy of Heroes

From Emmy Award winning Producer Jon Kroll (Amazing Race, Blade) and Producer John Platt (Big Brother, Kid Nation), Stan Lee’s Academy of Heroes takes real life aspiring heroes from all over the country and gives them the mentoring and training they need to take their fight for good to the next level. The nuts and bolts training includes financial planning, public relations, and of course the Zen of heroism from Stan himself.

Adrianne Curry’s Super Fans

Host Adrianne Curry (America’s Next Top Model, My Fair Brady), known to many as the “Queen of the Dorks,” takes her love of all things geek and explores the lives of hardcore fans. Through her exploration of real fandom, Adrianne will discover why she and her subjects are inspired to such extreme fandom. Adrianne will visit their homes, meet their friends and families, and pull back the curtain on the unique lives of passionate fans.

Chatroom of Solitude

When you’re a superhero who do you turn to at the end of the day? Written by Jeff Lewis (The Guild) and directed by Sean Becker (The Guild, Team Unicorn), starring Jeff Lewis, Phil Lamar, Matt Knudsen, and Jillian Armenante, Chatroom of Solitude is a comedic glimpse into the mundane moments of super lives. Told through a G+ video hangout, we eavesdrop on heroes and villains when they’re off the clock and bitching about a tough day at work to their friends, colleagues and enemies.


From the mind of Stan Lee, two aspiring models Bree and Sera and blogger friend Lizzie, are accidentally exposed to a mysterious serum that grants them super powers. Their newfound powers wreak havoc on their quest to become top models and pull them into a world of danger and intrigue. From Executive Producer Heath Corson (Aim High) and writer Taryn O’Neill (BlackBoxTV.)

Geek Therapy

America Young stars in Geek Therapy, a comedic series about a caring Therapist who helps geeks of all kinds deal with their special emotional issues. Whether handling a former Twihard who has fallen in love with the Whedonverse or talking a dark geek out of his plan to destroy those he deems fake geeks, the Geek Therapist always finds a way to help. Coming soon to Stan Lee’s World of Heroes!

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