Misfits | Season 4, Episode 1

Misfits | Episode 1: Season 4 Episode 1 | Aired on 10/28/2012

New gang members Finn and Jess zip up those iconic orange jumpsuits for their first day of community service and meet their probation worker…or is it in fact Rudy pretending to be their probation worker?

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  1. Deon says:

    I am a little concerned about the “Due to laws and policies we had to be careful on the way questions were asked and the way answers were given. So we used hypotheticals in the inwt8viee&#r221; part of your interview.What law says that you cannot asked a direct question to a state or county employee. If he is not allowed to answer for any lawful reason, let hime so state. Hypotheticals do not work for a news journalist.I take no sides in the dispute as I know not the facts. That is your job as journalist to give us the facts, not hypos.

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