141tv is a WEB-TV Guide, blog and future WEB-TV Channel.

The Online TV Network

We hope to start producing original web shows soon.

Free Video Guide

The free video guide is the place to go to find free full episodes of your favorite TV shows from network TV, cable TV and the web. The guide also has sections for free movies, funny videos, movie trailers, TV previews, TV clips, game trailers, and music videos. All the videos are from legal sites (the shows official website, Hulu, and tv.com).

Our Ultimate Goal

To not only become one of the webs top websites, but to also become a full fledged TV network for independent producers.

What does the 141 in 141tv stand for?

Well… originally when we were brainstorming ideas for a new website we came up with an idea for an advertising video site. Where it would only cost $1 for 1 ad. Giving everyone big and small the chance to advertise on the web. My brother said we should call it 141tv.com. I  looked it up and it was available; so I bought the domain. The site just wasn’t coming out like we wanted and we quickly lost interest.

I watch a lot of TV… a lot. One night I had a dream. In my dream I created and ran my own TV network. It looked like fun, so about a year after we lost interest in 141tv the advertising network. I created 141tv the TV Network. A TV network where anyone can create and air their own shows, movies or videos.

We still keep the number 141 alive in our ideas for the site. We launched the site on the 141st day of the year (May 21st, 2010). The last five digits in our phone number are 141tv.

Full TV Episodes

TV/Web Previews

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