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The Middle | The Second Act

The Middle 402
The Middle | The Second Act: Season 4 Episode 2 | Aired on 10/03/2012 Frankie goes to tech school to get a real career.  Read More →
Posted on Oct 04, 2012 at 8:00 am
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The Middle | Last Whiff of Summer

themiddle 401
The Middle | Last Whiff of Summer: Season 4 Episode 1 | Air Date 9/26/2012 Frankie’s plans to recreate the magic of her own childhood summers are foiled when Mike lets it slip that Axl is his favorite Heck child, and Frankie tries to coax the kids into telling them who their favorite parent is. Meanwhile, when Frankie and Mike discover that Axl failed English during the past school year, they... 

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