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The Inbetweeners (U.S.) | Club Code

Inetweeners 103
The Inbetweeners (U.S.) | Club Code: Season 1 Episode 3 | Air Date: 8/27/2012 After a failed attempt of day drinking at a local bowling alley, the guys find out that Carly and friends are going out clubbing and don’t hesitate at the chance to join them. About The Inbetweeners: Will, Simon, Jay and Neil aren’t losers. They aren’t popular either. Not yet. They exist somewhere in... 
Posted on Aug 28, 2012 at 7:02 am
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Ben and Kate | Watch the Pilot Before it Airs on TV

Ben and Kate pilot
What happens when an exuberant dreamer who always says “yes” moves in with his overly responsible little sister to help raise her five-year-old daughter? BEN AND KATE, a new single-camera ensemble comedy, follows a pair of odd-couple siblings and their friends as they push each other out of their comfort zones and into real life. KATE FOX (Dakota Johnson) followed the rules all her life…until... 

The Mindy Project | Watch the Pilot Before it Airs on TV

The Mindy Project pilot
THE MINDY PROJECT is a biting new single-camera comedy from Emmy Award-nominated writer/producer and New York Times best-selling author Mindy Kaling (“The Office”) that follows a woman who, despite having a successful career, is unlucky in love and desperately needs to get her personal life back on track before her friends and colleagues are forced to stage an intervention. Funny, impatient... 

Vendors | A Star Wars Fan Webseries

Vendors is a new animated series based in the era of Star Wars: The Old Republic. It explore the lives of the unsung heroes of galaxy, the Vendors.  Read More →
Posted on Aug 27, 2012 at 6:50 pm
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Leap Year | What We’re Capable of

leap year 209
Leap Year | What We’re Capable of: Season 2 Episode 9 The C3D team learns the secret behind Livefy and hatches a plan to get back their prototypes. Guest stars Eliza Dushku, Craig Bierko, Joshua Malina. Five friends. Five startups. A contest worth half a million dollars in funding. One will win. A comedy series about the highs and lows of starting a business. Presented by Hiscox.  Read More →
Posted on Aug 13, 2012 at 8:24 am
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Animal Practice | Pilot

animal practice pilot
Animal Practice | Pilot: Season 1 Episode 1 | Air Date: 8/12/2012 An unorthodox NYC veterinarian meets his match in his new boss. “Animal Practice” is a new comedy centering on Dr. George Coleman (Justin Kirk, “Weeds,” “Angels in America”), a top veterinarian with an impressive list of famous animal patients at the Crane Animal Hospital – a bustling New... 

Melissa & Joey | Mother of All Problems

melissa joey 212
Melissa & Joey | Mother of All Problems: Season 2 Episode 12 | Air Date: 8/8/2012 Mel’s mother comes to visit, and Lennox’s gym teacher thinks Lennox is pregnant.  Read More →

Baby Daddy | May The Best Friend Win

Baby Daddy May the best friend
Baby Daddy | May The Best Friend Win: Season 1 Episode 7 | Air Date: 8/8/2012 Ben and Tucker are at odds when they date the same girl.  Read More →
Posted on Aug 09, 2012 at 10:49 pm
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