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Castle | After the Storm

castle 501
Castle | After the Storm: Season 5 Episode 1 | Air Date: 9/24/2012 After four seasons of “will they” or “won’t they,” Richard Castle and Kate Beckett finally gave in to their feelings for each other in the much anticipated Season 4 finale. Season 5 picks up on the proverbial morning after, with Castle and Beckett facing new questions—was this a one-time fling, or are they now a couple?... 
Posted on Sep 25, 2012 at 8:11 am
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Touch | The Road Not Taken

touch 113
Touch | The Road Not Taken: Season 1 Episode 13 | Air Date: 9/14/2012 Martin meets up with his mentor.  Read More →

Last Resort | Watch the Pilot Now, Before it Airs on TV

Last Resort
500 feet beneath the ocean’s surface, the U.S. ballistic missile submarine Colorado receives their orders. Over a radio channel, designed only to be used if their homeland has been wiped out, they’re told to fire nuclear weapons at Pakistan. Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) demands confirmation of the orders only to be unceremoniously relieved of duty by the White House. XO Sam... 

Rookie Blue | I Never

Rookie Blue s3 Finale
Rookie Blue | I Never: Season 3 Episode 13 | Air Date: 9/6/2012 A violent pedophile escapes during an emergency hospital visit and abducts a girl; Andy faces a serious decision; Chris considers a transfer.  Read More →
Posted on Sep 07, 2012 at 11:04 pm
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Grimm | Quill

Grimm Quill
Grimm | Quill: Season 2 Episode 4 | Air Date: 9/3/2012 While investigating an accident site, Nick comes upon a bizarre and gruesome Wesen disease that is spreading quickly. A romantic day out for Monroe and Rosalee takes a dangerous turn when they encounter an infected creature that is out for blood.  Read More →

Pretty Little Liars | The Lady Killer

PLL 312
Pretty Little Liars | The Lady Killer: Season 3 Episode 12 | Air Date: 8/28/2012 There was a betrAyal, an escape, and a tragedy during the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars.  Read More →

Grimm | Bad Moon Rising

Grimm Bad Moon Rising
Grimm | Bad Moon Rising: Season 2 Episode 3 | Air Date 8/27/2012 As Hank continues to seek help to cope with the inexplicable sighting he had, an old friend needs his help when his daughter goes missing. Nick’s expertise as a Grimm comes into play as he investigates the disturbing motives linked to the disappearance.  Read More →

Grimm | The Kiss

Grimm The Kiss
Grimm | The Kiss: Season 2 Episode 2 | Air Date 8/21/2012 As Nick and his mother continue to battle the Mauvais Dentes, Monroe and Rosalee fight against the clock to save Juliette.  Read More →

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