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Ben and Kate | Bad Cop/Bad Cop

Ben and Kate Bad Cop
Ben and Kate | Bad Cop/Bad Cop: Season 1 Episode 2 | Aired on 10/02/2012 Kate gets caught in a lie.  Read More →
Posted on Oct 03, 2012 at 9:20 am
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Parenthood | The Talk

Parenthood The Talk
Parenthood | The Talk: Season 4 Episode 4 | Aired on 10/02/2012 Victor tries baseball, Zeek finds a new friend and Jabbar gets “the talk.”  Read More →

Switched at Birth | The Declaration of Independence

switched at birth declaration
Switched at Birth | The Declaration of Independence: Season 1 Episode 27 | Aired on 10/01/2012 Daphne decides to confront Chef Jeff about her feelings.  Read More →

Revenge | Destiny

Revenge 201
Revenge | Destiny: Season 2 Episode 1 | Aired on 09/30/2012 In the wake of last summer’s events in the Hamptons and with the ante even higher, what will Emily’s next move be? Will she be able to manage her heart and keep her emotions from getting in the way of her resolve to avenge her father?  Read More →

Guys with Kids | Chris New Girlfriend

guys with kids 102
Guys with Kids | Chris’ New Girlfriend: Season 1 Episode 2 | Air DAte 9/26/2012 Things get hectic when Gary forgets his wedding anniversary; Nick is stunned that Chris’ new girlfriend doesn’t remember she once dated him, and Chris deals with Sheila overstepping her boundaries.  Read More →

The Neighbors | Pilot

the neighbors101
The Neighbors | Pilot: Season 1 Episode 1 | Air Date 9/26/2012 When Marty Weaver and his wife, Debbie, move to a gated community with their three children, they discover their neighbors are aliens who had not met humans. Marty Weaver (Lenny Venito) just wants the best for his wife Debbie (Jami Gertz) and their three kids. That’s why he’s moving them to Hidden Hills, New Jersey, a gated community... 

Modern Family | Bringing Up Baby

Modern Family401
Modern Family | Bringing Up Baby: Season 4 Episode 1 | Air Date 9/26/2012 Jay’s birthday is upon us again and, as before, he makes it well-known that he wishes to keep it as low key as possible, with no grand gestures or surprises. But leave it to the family to miss the mark yet again! Phil takes Jay on a very unconventional fishing trip with his buddies, and Gloria struggles with how to break... 

Parenthood | Family Portrait

parenthood family portrait
Parenthood | Family Portrait: Season 4 Episode 1 | Air Date: 9/11/2012 On the eve of Haddie’s departure for Cornell, the Braverman clan gathers for a family photo.  Read More →

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