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Grey’s Anatomy | Remember the Time

greys anatomy remember
Grey’s Anatomy | Remember the Time: Season 9 Episode 2 | Aired on 10/04/2012 The doctors try to cope with heartache and injuries caused by the plane crash; everyone at Seattle Grace struggles to return to normalcy amid the chaos.  Read More →

Grey’s Anatomy | Going, Going, Gone

greys anatomy 901
Grey’s Anatomy | Going, Going, Gone: Season 9 Episode 1 | Air Date 9/27/2012 The doctors of Seattle Grace are faced with the aftermath of last season’s plane crash. As they try to move on with their lives, they must learn to adapt to the changes, cope with their losses and move forward with their relationships and careers, on the ninth-season premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy.”  Read More →

Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice Crossover

Greys Practice
Grey’s Anatomy | Have You Seen Me Lately: Season 8 : Ep. 15 In a final attempt to save Erica’s life, Amelia arrives at Seattle Grace to beg Derek for help with the gliosarcoma case; Cristina and Owen engage in heated arguments during marriage counseling; Alex realizes that in order to be a good doctor, he’ll need to improve his people skills; and Meredith is given a chance to shine... 

A Week in TV News

A Week in TV News
Mand Moore on Grey's Anatomy Friday Night Lights will premiere its final season on Oct. 27 on DirecTV. Mandy Moore will return to Grey’s Anatomy. Mandy Moore guest starred in the two part season finale last season. She will return in next season’s sixth episode. 5.5 million viewers watched the last episode of Jersey Shore, a series record. Bret Harrison (Reaper) joins the cast of V... 

Demi Lovato Checks in to Grey’s Anatomy

Demi Lovato Checks in to Grey's Anatomy
Demi Lovato tweeted a picture from her upcoming role on Grey’s Anatomy. Her guest starring appearance will air during May sweeps.  Read More →
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