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The Firm | Chapter Nineteen

the firm 19
The Firm | Chapter Nineteen: Season 1 Episode 19 | Air Date 6/16/2012 Mobster Joey Morolto presents Mitch with an offer he simply can’t refuse.  Read More →
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The Firm | Chapter Seventeen / Eighteen

The firm ch17
The Firm | Chapter Seventeen: Season 1 Episode 17 | Air Date 5/26/2012 While Abby and Claire are off in Kentucky, Mitch takes the case of a woman with a dangerous secret. The Firm | Chapter Eighteen: Season 1 Episode 17 | Air Date 5/26/2012 Mitch defends a legendary novelist as Joey Morolto makes his first move.  Read More →

The Firm | Chapter Fourteen

The firm 14
The Firm | Chapter Fourteen: Season 1 Episode 14 | Air Date: 4/21/2012 The FBI steps in when Mitch makes a desperate deal to save Abby’s life.  Read More →

The Firm | Chapter Twelve

The Firm Twelve
The Firm | Chapter Twelve: Season 1 Episode 12 | Air Date: 3/31/2012 Encrypted files and safety deposit boxes spur the Sarah Holt case towards the light.  Read More →

The Firm: Chapter Three

The Firm - Chapter Three
Aired: 01/12/12 Watch Until: 02/17/12 Ep 103: Chapter Three While forced to defend a partner’s son on a troubling charge, Mitch discovers a serial killer.  Read More →

The Firm: Pilot/Chapter Two

The Firm - Pilot/Chapter Two
Ep 101: Pilot/Chapter Two Aired: 01/08/12 Watch Until: 02/10/12 After 10 years, Mitch McDeere and his family leave witness protection to start a new life and a new law practice. But are they really safe? Based on the blockbuster feature film and best-selling novel by world-renowned author John Grisham (“The Pelican Brief,” “The Client”), “The Firm” continues the... 

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