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Mockingbird Lane

mockingbird lane
Mockingbird Lane: Season 1 Episode 1 | Aired on 10/26/2012 “Mockingbird Lane,” based on executive producer Bryan Fuller’s (“Pushing Daisies,” “Heroes”) script and directed by executive producer Bryan Singer (“X-Men” film series, “House”), is a new, reimagined version of the classic 1960s comedy “The Munsters,” now as... 

TV Preview: The Vampire Diaries 2.07

TV Preview: The Vampire Diaries 2.07
Masquerade (2.07):Stefan and Damon decide on a new plan to deal with Katherine at the Lockwood’s masquerade ball. Katherine calls on an old friend, Lucy, to attend the ball with her. Bonnie, Jeremy and Alaric all do what they can to help Stefan and Damon, but Katherine has a surprise planned that none of them could foresee. Things take an ugly turn when Matt and Tyler start doing shots with... 
Posted on Oct 27, 2010 at 11:07 pm
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TV Preview: The Vampire Diaries

TV Preview:  The Vampire Diaries
Returning for its second season, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is the story of two vampire brothers obsessed with the same beautiful girl, and battling to control the fate of an entire town. During season one, Stefan (Paul Wesley, “Fallen”) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder, “Lost”), returned to their hometown of Mystic Falls, Virginia, for very different reasons – Stefan was... 

The CW Renews 5

The CW Renews 5
The CW Network has announced a few “early” pick-ups (not that early, dozens of shows have already been renewed over on the other networks). Included in the mix are guilty pleasures 90210 (the pic to the left) and Gossip Girl, the long running cult series Supernatural, the romantic undead hit The Vampire Diaries, and the CW’s top (really? WTF) series, America’s Next Top Model. Missing from... 
Posted on Feb 25, 2010 at 10:46 pm
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